2020-2021 Teams

Hockey Is Back!

KC South (now comprised of KC West, Southwest KC, and the KC Knights) are happy to welcome back our families for a groundbreaking first season of collaboration. This season is going to have a different feel, but the players are back on the ice, the fans are in the stands and the coaches are ready to improve the skills of all our superstars!


We’re planning 6 stages in our return to play plan for our players:


  1. Conditioning Camp (September 1-8)
  2. Time Trials (September 9-12)
  3. Judged Drills (September 12/13)
  4. Group Evaluation (September 16-27)
  5. Team Practices (September 27-October 31)
  6. Inter-Squad Games (early October-October 31)


U7 Division information (Discovery, Junior Timbits, and Senior Timbits) will be emailed to our U7 families once the final schedule is available.


U9, U11, and U13 information is found in your TeamSnap account.


Still have questions?

Please contact our VP of Hockey Operations at vphockeyops@southwestkc.ca.


2020-2021 Teams


U7 - KC205
U7 - KC206
U7 - KC207
U7 - KC208
U9 - KC301
U9 - KC302
U9 - KC303
U9 - KC304
U9 - KC305
U11 - KC401
U11 - KC402
U11 - KC403
U11 - KC404
U11 - KC405
U13 - KC501
U13 - KC502
U13 - KC503
U13 - KC504
U13 - KC505